I FINALLY finished the Ginger skirt.  Actually I don’t mind projects taking a long time, as long as they are not frustrating from start to finish.  I have had my fair share of annoying moments (mostly due to own stupidity) with this – like stitching the in seam pockets between the front pieces of the skirt and so on.  Gah.

I added the vent and vent lining using tutorials from Sunni at A Fashionable Stitch.  Her blog is quite technique focused and clear enough that I was willing to give the vents a try for the first time.  I suspect I did not spread my pieces enough though as the vent lining curve does not sit where it is meant to (and then got topstitched over anyway…)


IMG_2667[1] Vents edged with spotty ribbon 🙂


I stitched blue ribbon to the hem and turned up with catch stitches

Please note I didn’t sew the vent lining on as instructed.  I just couldn’t get my head around it! Essentially once I had secured the lining to the zip I fudged the seams between the vent and the lining on the machine however they looked and hung right.  I think it’s ok and will leave it at that.

IMG_2685[1] IMG_2683[1]

IMG_2688[1] IMG_2691[1]

In typical British fashion when I managed to get my other half to take some photos it was wet and horrible, but the last day was sunny and bright.  Can you see the curved pocket?  I used some quite chunky twill tape along the edge to prevent stretching but it seems to still want to curve away from the body.  Probably not such an issue when stuffed full of things!  This has happened before so if you have any bright ideas I would love to know.

All in all I am quite pleased with it; it’s perhaps not as curve hugging as I would like, but as I can only JUST sit down wearing it thats probably as good as it’s going to get!  The top is inspired by various renditions of Jalie 2921, but I didn’t fancy it in a knit.  I altered my Sorbetto draft (I use the pattern minus the pleat with a few adjustments as the basis for most tops now), adding length and a curved V neckline.  The neck tie is just a 10cm strip of the fabric, turned and stitched into tie shapes at each end and attached to the neckline.  The inner side of the band was stitched to the neckline wrong side (ie inside the top) and then turned to the outside to be topstitched.

I may have to wear the tie in a bow at work as dangling ties are a no-no now in hospitals.

So what next? I am currently re-learning to knit so I can make this lovely cardigan:


But I will try to blog some older clothes in the meantime.  Then after that I have a gorgeous green silk from Stone fabrics to play with (but not to be rushed so I am waiting until I can give it proper attention).  For now I will have to make do with occasionally rubbing it on my skin.



Hands out of the notions jar!

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