Fitting silk button blouse

I am mid way through the fitting and drafting stages of my green silk blouse in this lovely fabric:


I am envisioning a button back sleeveless (probably…) blouse with four tucks at the neckline and a relatively fitted shape.

I use my sorbetto to fit all tops at the moment.  I rotated the side dart to the neck and turned it in to two tucks near the middle.  I think I need a very small FBA with slightly larger darts though – you might see what I mean later on.


Er, apologies for the endless mirror selfies.  My husband just isn’t that into taking pictures for me (it can be difficult enough to get him to pin me up!).  As you can hopefully see I have pinned into the centre back where the buttons will be until I was happy with how it sat over the curves there.  In the end I measured how much excess there was and took it off the side seams before restitching and checking.

And yes, I keep accidentally ordering ACTUAL muslin then remembering that it’s a touch too lightweight for many purposes. Bah.

There is quite a bit of gape at the back there (hard to see from that angle but we are talking a good three inches!)  I have heard that you can pin out a dart where you have the excess and then rotate that excess elsewhere which I tried when I starting the pattern in this sail boat cotton:

IMG_2715 IMG_2718

Yep, that’s it at the back arm scythe.  So the next step is to get rid of it from there (darts I guess) and also lower the opening at bit as its a tad high:

IMG_2719 IMG_2716

These diagonal drag lines on the bust suggest to me that I need a little more room just to the left and below the bust but I am not entirely sure.


After the addition of small bust and back darts:

IMG_2726 IMG_2727 IMG_2728

Much better! I think I will hash the changes on to this wearable muslin and find some buttons but probably go back to the muslin fabric to do a final check before using the silk – and make the dart at the neck on the back!

So…thats three muslins so far then. Sigh.  At least I can still remember how to knit:


How do you feel about taking a long time to get a fit right? I think I am still not experienced enough to see exactly what will happen when I have made changes and perhaps in the future it will be clearer and take less time.  For the time being I am learning each time and enjoying it!


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