Pre-blog – copycat Sorbetto tie bottom

Yes, it’s a total rip off of one of the Seven Days Of Sorbetto tops:


I changed the side darts to two neck tucks in my version.  Slimmed down the sides as I wanted a more fitted shape and was willing to put a zip in to achieve that.  Other than that I used the tips from the website.

The fabric is a bit of a mystery – I bought it in John Lewis where it was not tagged with any branding but cost around the £13 a metre mark.  Then I saw it referred to on the web as Liberty.  Which wouldn’t make sense – a) because if it’s Liberty you make sure people know; and b) I don’t think a rival department store would stock their fabrics!


I have found it here online although I’ve never seen this site before.


I drafted an identical facing piece to apply to the bottom of the top as the fabric is not reversible at all.  It doesn’t look too obvious in the picture – but disappointingly that’s because the fabric faded on the first wash!  I now don’t mind how it looks so much except for the zip which was well blended in before:


But what can you do? Getting it in to a curved side seam was work enough.


Striking resemblance to silk blouse tucks (no coincidence!)


Rabbits are indifferent.  That’s all for now; happy sewing!



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