Still no machine…

It seems that the belt has broken or come off the machine so its been out of use for nearly a week! And no sign of it coming home anytime soon 😦 It may be time to retrieve the back up machine from my mum’s….

Thankfully I managed to run up the muslin for my dress bodice block just before this disaster occurred, so at least I can play with the fit in the meantime.  I know it looks like there are waist darts in the picture – in fact its my Sharpie markings where I drew around my pins!  You can see it’s still quite boxy here, which makes sense as Sorbetto is a loose top without closures.  As it fits quite well across the shoulders it still makes sense to use the pattern.



I’ve pinned where I think the neckline and armholes should go.  I also have a little bit of room across the upper chest – all you can really see is that there isn’t much contour there.  I may need to pinch out a little pleat horizontally.

Next step:


I was too lazy to try to pinch out extra fabric at the upper chest area in the end – I’ve added at little 0.5cm dart at the armpit, and will probably just add the extra onto the side dart to make life easy!  Another option is to extend the waist dart higher which will pull the top down a little overall.  Tempting when the seam allowance is still on your neckline and it is sitting right over the notch there.

You can see I’ve also pinned out the fabric below the breast until it is snug (I can be quite severe as I already have a top on to take some space).   I like this area quite fitted so my darts will often be an odd shape!


Back darts are much trickier!  Some truly scary markings when I took it off – in the end i guesstimated the length of these.


Repinned and made more symmetrical.  Of course normally I would restitch the new darts and check.  But no can do!

To transfer the changes my preferred method is to unpick the muslin and re-pin it to the pattern before placing pins or basting through the new dart legs and other markings to make them show on the pattern.  Although if just a side seam adjustment I will often just eyeball it…


So I will be doing a lot of this instead (Peacock Eyes cardigan –  Sigh.  Have you ever had a forced break from sewing? It’s maddening!


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