Shopping list!

I am looking for some simple dress patterns to get a bodice fit that’s perfect (some day I will show you my Peony issues but in the meantime I would love to find a basic shape that I can play with).  And a skirt with a bit of body!

Here’s what has made it on to my wishlist:


Sorry about the crappy pictures – they are the best the website could offer!  I have yet to make a long sleeved dress that looked good.


Love anything with neck pleats –  but would it be worth fitting a new pattern when I already have a bodice block with these?




Intrigued by the  draping over the front of this one but not sure what fabric I would want to use?


I’m a sucker for a red dress (not sure if it is really appropriate regular wear for a doctor?) and this features a lining to help the knit skim.  I don’t fancy another shot at knits for the time being though.  Hmmm. I’m off to pattern review… anyone made these or have an opinion?



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